A simple laravel 4 service provider for including the ChargeBee PHP Client

v0.95 2014-08-27 04:59 UTC


Integrates the ChargeBee API with Laravel 4

A simple Laravel 4 service provider for including the ChargeBee PHP Client.


The ChargeBee Service Provider can be installed via Composer by requiring the lshin/chargebee-laravel4 package in your project's composer.json.

    "require": {
        "lshin/chargebee-laravel4": "0.*"

Run composer update to pull in the libraries.

composer update


To use the ChargeBee Service Provider, you must register the provider when bootstrapping your Laravel application.

Add 'Lshin\ChargebeeLaravel4\ChargebeeLaravel4ServiceProvider' to the list of service providers in app/config/app.php


Create a config file for the package

php artisan config:publish lshin/chargebee-laravel4

Edit the config and set the "site" and "api_key" values to match the ChargeBee credentials.


You can use the the all api classes following the documentation at