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LoyaltyLion - Loyalty Program

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1.3.3 2020-04-27 13:33 UTC


Local set-up

  1. Ensure you have PHP 7, Composer, and Yarn installed

  2. composer install && yarn install


./vendor/bin/phpcs -ns .

Running tests

./vendor/bin/phpunit Test/


There are two main versions to be aware of:

  • Our Composer package version (specified in composer.json)

  • Our setup_version (specified in etc/module.xml)

Updates should only change the Composer version unless strictly necessary, as incrementing the setup_version will normally require a merchant to schedule downtime.

Releasing on the Marketplace

  1. Ensure that you've bumped the composer package version

  2. Build a zip with make zip

  3. Submit a new patch at, with the version matching the Composer package version on Master