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A circuit breaker implementation for PHP 7.4+

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Main principles

circuit breaker

This library is compatible with PHP 7.4+.


composer require love-oss/resiliency


You need to configure a system for the Circuit Breaker:

  • the failures: define how many times we try to access the service;
  • the timeout: define how long we wait (in ms) before consider the service unreachable;
  • the stripped timeout: define how long we wait (in ms) before consider the service unreachable, once we're in half open state;
  • the threshold: define how long we wait (in ms) before trying to access again the service;
  • the (HTTP|HTTPS) client that will be used to reach the services;
  • the fallback callback will be used if the distant service is unreachable when the Circuit Breaker is Open (means "is used").

You'd better return the same type of response expected from your distant call.

use Resiliency\MainCircuitBreaker;
use Resiliency\Systems\MainSystem;
use Resiliency\Storages\SimpleArray;
use Resiliency\Clients\SymfonyClient;
use Symfony\Component\HttpClient\HttpClient;

$client = new SymfonyClient(HttpClient::create());

$mainSystem = MainSystem::createFromArray([
    'failures' => 2,
    'timeout' => 100,
    'stripped_timeout' => 200,
    'threshold' => 10000,
], $client);

$storage = new SimpleArray();

// Any PSR-14 Event Dispatcher implementation.
$dispatcher = new Symfony\Component\EventDispatcher\EventDispatcher;

$circuitBreaker = new MainCircuitBreaker(

 * @var Service $service
$fallbackResponse = function ($service) {
    return '{}';

        'query' => [
            '_token' => '123456789',


Resiliency library supports both Guzzle (v6 & v7) and HttpClient Component from Symfony (v4 & v5).


This library provides a minimalist system to help you monitor your circuits.

$monitor = new SimpleMonitor();

// Collect information while listening
// to some circuit breaker events...
function listener(Event $event) {

// Retrieve a complete report for analysis or storage
$report = $monitor->getReport();


composer test

Code quality

This library has high quality standards:

composer cs-fix && composer phpstan && composer psalm && composer phpqa

We also use PHPQA to check the Code quality during the CI management of the contributions:

composer phpqa

I've heard of the PrestaShop Circuit Breaker: what library should I use ?

Welcome, that's an interesting question !

Above all, I must say that I'm the former author of the PrestaShop Circuit Breaker library and I have decided to fork my own library to be able to improve it without the constraints of the PrestaShop CMS main project.

As of now (June, 2021), these libraries have a lot in common !

They share almost the same API, and the PrestaShop Core Team have created multiple implementations of Circuit Breaker interface and Factory :

  • SimpleCircuitBreaker
  • AdvancedCircuitBreaker
  • PartialCircuitBreaker
  • SymfonyCircuitBreaker
  1. They maintain a version compatible with PHP 7.2+ and Symfony 4 but not (yet ?) with PHP 8 and Symfony 5 ;
  2. They have a dependency on their own package named php-dev-tools ;
  3. They maintain an implementation of Storage using Doctrine Cache library ;
  4. They don't have a Symfony HttpClient implementation ;
  5. For the events, I'm not sure as their implementation make the list difficult to establish ;
  6. They don't provide a mecanism to reset and restore a Circuit Breaker ;
  7. They don't provide a mecanism to monitor the activity of a Circuit Breaker ;
  8. They have removed Psalm from their CI and they don't use PHPQA ;
  9. They have added declare(strict_types=1); on all the files ;
  10. They don't declare a .gitattributes file, this means that all tests are downloaded when we require their library ;

All right ... but this don't tell me what library should I use in my project !

  • If you need PHP 5.6, use Circuit Breaker v3
  • If you need PHP 7.2, use Circuit Breaker v4
  • If you need PHP 7.4+, use Resiliency
  • If you need a library maintained by a team of developers, use PrestaShop
  • If you trust me to maintain this package almost all alone, use Resiliency !