Provides a PSR17 synthetic implementation.

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PSR-17 http-factories implementation

The PSR-17 specification is about HTTP factories.

There are many PSR-17 interfaces and the purpose of this package is to regroup them all in one single interface: PSR17Interface.

This package also implements a PSR17 class which implements this interface and provide a basic implementation.


  • PHP >= 7.4


composer require loophp/psr17

This package requires also a psr/http-factory-implementation. I advise to use nyholm/psr7 from Tobias Nyholm.


$psr17 = new \loophp\psr17\Psr17();
$request = $psr17->createRequest('GET', 'https://github.com');
$response = $psr17->createResponse(200, 'hello');
$stream = $psr17->createStream('foobar');

Integration with Symfony

Since the 29 of July, a Symfony recipe has been published for this package.

Then, if you're using Symfony Flex, then you don't have anything to do. When the package will be installed by Composer, Flex will install the configuration file in your application.

If you're not using Flex, add in services.yaml:

    # Register loophp/psr17/Psr17 class and autowire/autoconfigure it.
        autowire: true
        autoconfigure: true

    # Alias the service to the Psr17 interface.
    loophp\psr17\Psr17Interface: '@loophp\psr17\Psr17'

Code quality, tests and benchmarks

Every time changes are introduced into the library, Github run the tests and the benchmarks.

The library has tests written with PHPSpec. Feel free to check them out in the spec directory. Run composer phpspec to trigger the tests.

Before each commit some inspections are executed with GrumPHP, run ./vendor/bin/grumphp run to check manually.

PHPInfection is used to ensure that your code is properly tested, run composer infection to test your code.


Feel free to contribute by sending Github pull requests. I'm quite responsive :-)


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For more detailed changelogs, please check the release changelogs.