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TYPO3 Extension enetcache


Provides a rather simple API for frontend extensions to put their rendered content into cache. The extension synchronizes lifetime and tags with the general page cache. A backend DataHandler hook takes care of automatic cache flushing if records are changed affecting those plugin cache entries.


The extension can be installed from TYPO3 TER via the extension manager but the recommended way is using composer doing composer require lolli/enetcache, and / or define a dependency in your consuming extensions.

Usage documentation

Find API documentation at

Development: Release new version

Example release workflow, basically for my own laziness ;)

Build/Scripts/ -s composerUpdate -t 11
.Build/bin/tailor set-version 4.1.1
git commit -am "[RELEASE] 4.1.1 Bug fixes and improved core v10 / v11 compatibility"
git tag 4.1.1
git push
git push --tags