Extends the functionality of the eu_cookie_compliance contrib module.

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1.0.1 2024-04-12 12:25 UTC


What is it?

  • Extends the functionality of the EU Cookie compliance contrib module.
  • Provides a block containing the same content as the EU Cookie popup. When this block is added to a page, we get a dedicated Cookie settings page. At the time of writing in early 2023, many sites including the BBC use such a dedicated Cookie settings page. This is the primary feature of this module.
  • Only relevant when you want users to have greater control over site cookies by enabling them to accept or reject certain types of cookies e.g. accept Functional cookies, reject Analytics cookies and so on.
  • The EU Cookie compliance module actually doesn't stop any cookie being set prior to consent. What it does is, it removes unwanted cookies immediately after they are set. The custom module improves up on this for Google analytics and Hotjar in a way that these modules would not even set any cookie in the browser prior to consent. This is a secondary feature of this module.

How to configure

  • Create a content page (e.g. /foo) explaining your site Cookies.
  • Turn on this module.
  • Add the "EU Cookie settings block" provided by this module to the Content region. This happens automatically when the localgov_scarfolk theme is in use, as is the case in the default LocalGov Drupal distribution.
  • Restrict the above block to the cookie explanation page (i.e. /foo) mentioned earlier.
  • Configure the EU Cookie compliance module:
    • Select Opt-in with categories as the consent method.
    • Add all your cookie categories to the Cookie categories with separate consent textbox.
    • Enter the cookie settings page path (e.g. /foo) to the Cookie settings page path textfield. The default path is /cookies. Without this path, this module would not provide the category-wise Cookie settings form.
    • Consider updating the following textfields:
      • "Save preferences" button label
      • "Accept all categories" button label
      • Cookie policy button label

What to expect

  • When you hit a random page of the site, you should see a EU cookie popup asking you to either accept all the cookies or check the cookie policy.
  • If you click the cookie policy link, you should land in the Cookie settings page.
  • The Cookie settings page should provide a Cookie settings form for accepting or rejecting cookie categories.


The secondary feature mentioned above works for the Google analytics and Hotjar modules only. This needs to be more generic.

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