Backup DB periodically and backup to AWS S3 storage with rotation

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1.0.0 2019-04-05 03:04 UTC

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Last update: 2024-05-19 14:48:57 UTC


Ensures regular DB backup and off-site storage via AWS S3. Useful for when you have a client you want to keep.

A cron task will regularly create DB backups of your website, archive the files, and upload them to S3. The module will also rotate your backups to ensure that it retains a larger number of recently created backups, and fewer of older backups, to ensure that space is not unnecessarily consumed.

The default schedule is:

  • Backup every night at 2am
  • Keeps daily backups for 7 days
  • Keeps monthly backups for 4 months
  • Keeps yearly backups each year

This default schedule can be tweaked via config

Use this module if:

  • You are running SilverStripe 4.0 and above
  • You have a small to medium website
  • Self-hosting on a non-PaaS provider
  • Have access to an AWS bucket
  • Don't want to baby-sit backups

Don't use this module if:

  • Your web server has limited disk space
  • Your website has a huge database
  • You need professional archival / SLA storage and backup requirements
  • Late-night performance degradation could cause significant issues


Install your module into your silverstripe project

composer require littlegiant/silverstripe-spindb

AWS Configuration

Configure access to your AWS bucket. The below environment variables should be configured either directly as env on your server, or in .env in your project root.

SPINDB_AWS_REGION="ap-southeast-2" # Or your aws region

If you want to authenticate via your local AWS credentials (Stored in ~/.aws/credentials) then you can provide a profile name instead.

SPINDB_AWS_REGION="ap-southeast-2" # Or your aws region
SPINDB_AWS_PROFILE="profilename" # The profile name containing your authentication credentials. Can be `default`

If you are running this site on AWS you can provide access via IAM instead, and you only need to specify the following. This is the bare minimum configuration necessary for the module to run.

SPINDB_AWS_REGION="ap-southeast-2" # Or your aws region

By default DB backups are written to the {baseurl}/db_{date}{ext} path within the bucket, but this can be configured.


Supported vars:

  • {baseurl} Value of BASE_URL var
  • {date} Date the archive was created (ISO_8601)
  • {time} Time the archive was created (ISO_8601)
  • {ext} File extension created, e.g. .sql or .zip depending on archive method

Schedule / rotation configuration

You can configure the time of day that the task occurs, or even how frequently it runs.

SPINDB_SCHEDULE="0 2 * * *" # Every night at 2am

If you want to backup less frequently you can adjust the day

SPINDB_SCHEDULE="0 2 */2 * *" # Every second night at 2am

You can configure the number of daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly backups

For each of the below, 0 means keep no backups, -1 means keep unlimited backups (use with care)

SPINDB_KEEP_DAILY="7" # Default to 1 week of backups
SPINDB_KEEP_WEEKLY="0" # Default to no weekly backups
SPINDB_KEEP_WEEKLY_DAY="0" # If keeping weekly backups set the day of the week to keep (0/7 = sunday, 1 = monday, etc).
SPINDB_KEEP_MONTHLY="4" # Default to 4 months of monthly backups
SPINDB_KEEP_MONTHLY_DAY="1" # Day of the month to keep. Archaic 1-based index sorry.
SPINDB_KEEP_YEARLY="-1" # Default to keep unlimited yearly backups.
SPINDB_KEEP_YEARLY_DAY="0" # Day of the year to keep. 0-365. (0 is Jan 1)
SPINDB_ARCHIVE="gzip" # Set archive mode. Supports `gzip` / `none`

You can also configure an alert email to notify when a backup is created.