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切换中文 | Usage of Repository


laravel-repository provides the basic repository class for laravel model The package was made to provide more More external methods, and more friendly editor prompts; layering the code, repository is responsible for external business logic processing, model is only responsible for the definition of the fields, attributes, query conditions, and return values of the data table. It does not participate in specific logical operations, and does not serve the control layer.

Relative to the direct use of model advantages:

  • Solve the problem that model does not automatically handle extra fields when adding or modifying
  • Optimize chained calls for model queries, query directly using arrays
  • Automatically process corresponding associated data queries through query conditions and query fields
  • Provides a more friendly editor prompt


Installation requirements

  • PHP >= 7.0.0
  • Laravel >= 5.5.0

1.1 Install package

composer require littlebug/laravel-repository

1.2 Use the command to generate model and repository

Suppose you have users in your database, or you replace users with the table names in your database.

php artisan core:model --table=users --name=User

The command will be at:

  • Generate User file under app/Models/ file
  • Generate UserRepository file under app/Repositories/ file

1.3 Using repository in the controller

use App\Repositories\UserRepository;

class UsersController extends Controller 
     * @var UserRepository
    private $userRepository;
    public function __construct(UserRepository $userRepository)
        $this->userRepository   = $userRepository;
    public function index()
        // Paging query
        $list = $this->userRepository->paginate([
            'name:like' => 'test123', 
            'status:in' => [1, 2],
        return view('users.index');
    public function create()
        list($ok, $msg, $user) = $this->userRepository->create(request()->all());
        // You are right logic
    public function update()
        list($ok, $msg, $row) = $this->userRepository->update(request()->input('id'), request()->all());
        // You are right logic
    public function delete()
        list($ok, $msg, $row) = $this->userRepository->delete(request()->input('id'));
        // You are right logic

1.3.1 About paging query data

member message 的数据

Please check more about repository

Please check more about repository

More code generation commands

Commands support specifying database connections such as --table=dev.users

  1. core:model generates model class files and repository class files by querying database table information.

    php artisan core:model --table=users --name=User
  2. core:repository generates the repository class file

    php artisan core:repository --model=User --name=UserRepository
  3. core:request generates request verification class file by querying database table information

    php artisan core:request --table=users --path=Users

Command Parameter Details

commands of generate code

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