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A PHP Kernel for Jupyter

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Jupyter-PHP is a PHP kernel for Jupyter. This project is inspired on, some bits of code from the old IPython kernel have been used in this new Jupyter kernel.

In addition to the Jupyter compatibility, the new Jupyter-PHP adds a lot of improvements, like the integration with PsySH in order to provide:

  • "memory": the old kernel was unable to keep variables to allow reuse them later.
  • online documentation with the doc command. Not yet implemented
  • code introspection with the ls command. Not yet implemented
  • errors introspection with the wtf command. Not yet implemented

Getting started

The recommended way is to go to the Jupyter-PHP installer's page and follow its instructions.

Learn more

  • Chat Room : If you want to have a real-time chat with other Jupyter-PHP users or developers, you can do it here.
  • Group / Mail List : If a chat room isn't enough to post your doubts or ideas, you can join to our mail list.

How to contribute

  • First of all, you can take a look on the bugtracker and decide if there is something that you want to do 😉 . If you think there are missing improvements in this file, then you are invited to modify the TODO list.
  • You can also send us bug reports using the same bugtracker.
  • If you are really interested on helping to improve Litipk\BigNumbers, we recommend to read the contributing guidelines.


Jupyter-PHP is licensed under the MIT License.