This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Provider neutral SMS library.

v0.6.0 2016-06-14 14:08 UTC


🚫 This project is no longer maintained.

Provider neutral SMS library for PHP 5.5+

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Read the documentation for the last release here.


composer require litgroup/sms=0.6.*

Example of usage

Message sending

use LitGroup\Sms\Message;
use LitGroup\Sms\MessageService;
use LitGroup\Sms\Exception\SmsException;

// Some implementation of `LitGroup\Sms\Gateway\GatewayInterface`
$gateway = new SomeGateway();

// Create Short Message Service
$messageService = new MessageService($gateway);

// Create and send some message.
try {
        'Hello, customer!',
} catch (SmsException $e) {
    // ...

Use cascade of gateways

It's possible to use cascade of gateways of several providers to improve fault-tolerance. Use LitGroup\Sms\Gateway\CascadeGateway.

$cascadeGateway = new CascadeGateway([
    new AGateway(),
    new BGateway(),

$messageService = new MessageService($cascadeGateway);

Logging of exceptions

  • Constructor of MessageService receives Psr\Log\LoggerInterface.
  • If you use CascadeGateway then inject a logger into the instance of CascadeGateway too. Warnings will be logged if some of gateways are inoperative.