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litemerafrukt postcomments module.

1.1.0 2017-10-15 11:21 UTC

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Reddit-like comments to posts.

Uses view-files recursively to achieve nested comments. There are default view files. If you want to define your own views then look at the included view files for examples. The Comments class takes a top level view file as optional parameter.

CommentsHandler class needs a simple database class with a query-method. Look at the supplied Database class for the interface if you want to build your own (which you should). The database needs to be setup with a comments table, se src/extras folder for schema. Table name can optionally be supplied to CommentsHandler constructor, defaults to r1_comments.

This module is built to fit in an Anax project but should fit in to any project with a little work. At the same time, this is not a fit all package, this is written for a specific project.


PHP version > 7.0.

$ composer require litemerafrukt/postcomments

Setup your database with a table for the commments, see vendor/litemerafrukt/postcomments/src/extras.

Use database class with namespace litemerafrukt\Database or supply your own class with a query-metod, see vendor/litemerafrukt/postcomments/src/Database/Database.php for interface.


Set up your forum post controller to handle both get and post requests. The postcomments module will supply the view with html for the comments.

Example from an Anax project.

class PostController

     * Show a post
     * @param int $postId
    public function showPost($id)
        $post = $this->posts->fetch($id);

        $user = $this->di->get('user');
        $user->isUser = $user->isLevel(UserLevels::USER);
        $user->isAdmin = $user->isLevel(UserLevels::ADMIN);

        $comments = new Comments(new CommentHandler($this->di->get('olddb')));

        if ($this->di->request->getPost('new-comment-submitted', false) && $user) {
            $authorId = $user->id;
            $authorName = $user->name;
            $parentId = $this->di->request->getPost('parent-id', 0);
            $text = \trim($this->di->request->getPost('comment-text'));
            $comments->new($id, $parentId, $authorId, $authorName, $text);

        } else if ($this->di->request->getPost('edit-comment-submitted', false) && $user) {
            $id = $this->di->request->getPost('comment-id', null);
            $text = \trim($this->di->request->getPost('comment-text', ''));
            $comments->update($id, $text, function ($comment) use ($user) {
                return $comment['id'] === $user->id;


        $commentsHTML = $comments->getHtml($id, $user->isUser, $user->isAdmin, $user->name, $user->id);

        $this->renderPage("posts/post", $post->subject, \compact('post', 'user', 'commentsHTML'));



This software carries a MIT license.

..:  Copyright (c) 2017 Anders Nygren (