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Inspired by the trends in Serverless / FaaS / Cloud Functions.


  • Provides a framework to build reusable stateless functions.
  • A language agnostic (json) format to define inputs, outputs and configs that your functions need.
  • A service.json format to list the Shift functions you'd like to expose.
  • Uses JSON Schema to validate all input, output and configs.
  • Invokers for your Shift functions, so you can easily call/host them locally or remotely.
  • Supports functions implemented in PHP or any other language, including executing external commands.
  • An HTTP end-point server to serve your functions.
  • A Console tool to help build, test and debug your Shift functions.


The example/ directory contains an example service with 2 functions, one implemented in PHP, and one generically executing an external CLI tool.

To test it out:

cd example/
../bin/shift invoke:local hello-php -i greeting=Howdy -c color=silver -u joe

This will call the hello-php function, passing one input (greeting), a config (color) and a context username.


Shift is currently in an experimental phase, and some of the features are under construction.


MIT. Please refer to the license file for details.

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