Portfolio: multi-project management tooling

v1.3.3 2022-08-31 12:53 UTC

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Last update: 2022-10-31 00:15:41 UTC


This repository contains a PHP library to handle Project Portfolios.

Data model

The Portfolio is the root object. It contains a list of Project objects, where contain a list of Activity objects (i.e. Tasks, Todos, Cards, etc).

For full details on the datamodel, it's classes and properties, check out the API documentation

API documentation

This repository uses phpdocumentor 3 to generate API documentation based on classes. To avoid dependency complexity, it is not required in composer.json. Instead, download the latest (v3) .phar from

Generating api docs

phpDocumentor.phar run # this loads it's configuration from phpdoc.xml
php -S -t build/doc