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Interlink let's you define custom link handlers for wiki links.

Some example:

Translate [[wikipedia:Hello world]] into:

<a href="" target="_blank">
    Hello world

Translate [[wikihow:Grow an Orange Tree]] into:

<a href="">
    Grow an Orange Tree

Translate [[mozilla-bugzilla:441207]] into:

<a href="">
    Printing selection causes blank page with header/footer only

Translate [[mytaskdb:14]] into:

<a href="https://intranet.example.web/task/14">
    Redesign widgets to optimize alignment with KPI's

Using Interlink, you define Handlers for link prefixes (Like above: 'wikihow', or 'mytaskdb'). The handler can then automatically translate the link into a working bit of HTML using one of the available Renderers.

You can even create your own Renderer if the provided ones are not sufficient.

You can also pass a LabelResolver to your handler to translate the code or id into a userfriendly text. For example, look up a task title in the database using PDO, based on the id in the link. Or make a REST API call to a webservice to convert a bugid into a readable summary.

How to use Interlink in your application

Simply add the following to your require or require-dev section in your composer.json and run composer update:

"require": {
  "linkorb/interlink": "~1.0"


Please refer to the examples/ directory for some simple and advanced examples.


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