Abstracts mailer service communication, such as Mandrill and Amazon SES

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Linio Mail is yet another component of the Linio Framework. It aims to abstract email messaging by supporting multiple adapters.


The recommended way to install Linio Mail is through composer.

$ composer install linio/mail


To run the test suite, you need install the dependencies via composer, then run PHPUnit.

$ composer install
$ vendor/bin/phpunit


The library is very easy to use: first, you have to register the service. For Silex, a service provider is included. Just register it:


$app->register(new \Linio\Component\Mail\Provider\MailServiceProvider(), [
    'mail.adapter_name' => 'mandrill',
    'mail.adapter_options' => [
        'api_key' => '',

Note that must provide an adapter name and an array of options. Each adapter has different configuration options that are injected by the AdapterFactory.

To start sending messages:


use Linio\Component\Mail\Message;
use Linio\Component\Mail\Contact;

$message = new Message();
$message->setSubject('hello world');
$message->setFrom(new Contact('Barfoo', ''));
$message->addTo(new Contact('Foobar', ''));
$message->setData(['id' => '1']);