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A library to integrate PHPUnit with Drupal

dev-master 2014-02-07 09:30 UTC

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Last update: 2024-06-22 12:20:22 UTC


Drupal 7 PHPUnit testing

This is code is completely experimental !


The goal is to integrate PHPUnit and SQLite with Drupal in order to be able to run tests outside of Drupal.

For now you can get a get a Symfony/DomCrawler from a page and log-in and out from Drupal.


# Install composer + init / update, then...
composer.phar install

# Duplicate and adapt the test configuration
# You have to adapt the DRUPAL_ROOT and DRUPAL_URL to point to a working Drupal instance
cp phpunit.xml.dist phpunit.xml

# Run the tests
# The self tests will only succeed if you enabled the short URLs for your Drupal install.
phpunit -c .


  • integrate SQLite
  • switch to a new database
  • explore integration of Lapistano's libraries
  • NTH: auto-install + modules enable/disable into a clean DB