This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the libre-informatique/sonata-sylius-user-bundle package instead.

Manage user authentication

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This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-02-01 12:52:39 UTC


This project has been abandoned and is no longer maintained. you should use


Manage user authentication

The goal of this bundle is to define a minimum configured environment for user authentication.

Default User and Group classes are defined and mapped with ORM driver.

This bundle relies heavily on FOSUserBundle.



  • having a working Symfony2 environment
  • having created a working Symfony2 app (including your DB and your DB link)
  • having composer installed (here in /usr/local/bin/composer, with /usr/local/bin in the path)


$ composer require libre-informatique/user-bundle dev-master

Sonata bundles

Please refer to the Sonata Project's instructions, foundable here :

The "libre-informatique" bundles

Edit your app/AppKernel.php file and add your "libre-informatique/user-bundle" :

    // app/AppKernel.php
    // ...
    public function registerBundles()
        $bundles = array(
            // ...

            // The libre-informatique bundles
            new FOS\UserBundle\FOSUserBundle(),
            new Sonata\UserBundle\SonataUserBundle('FOSUserBundle'),
            new Librinfo\UserBundle\LibrinfoUserBundle(),

            // your personal bundles


Configuring your FOS_User properties

# app/config/config.yml (or any other file that is loaded by your bundle)
    # ...
    db_driver: orm # other valid values are 'mongodb', 'couchdb' and 'propel'
    firewall_name: N/A 
    # ...
    user_class: Blast\BaseEntitiesBundle\Entity\GenericEntity
        group_class: Blast\BaseEntitiesBundle\Entity\GenericEntity
        group_manager: sonata.user.orm.group_manager
        user_manager: sonata.user.orm.user_manager


Using Blast\BaseEntitiesBundle\Entity\GenericEntity as User and Group classes let this bundle defining it's own User and Group classes. If you define custom User and Group Classes, the bundle will not override your values.

Configuring the Json type from sonata-project/doctrine-extension

# app/config/config.yml (or any other file that is loaded by your bundle)
        # ...
            json: Sonata\Doctrine\Types\JsonType
        # ...

Note: an abvious mistake can be the addition of this key outside the main doctrine key, where you have all your DB configuration.


Blast\BaseEntitiesBundle\Entity\GenericEntity and default classes values (FOS\UserBundle\Entity\User and FOS\UserBundle\Entity\Group) will be replaced with defaults LibrinfoUserBundle configuration values in LibrinfoUserBundle/Resources/config/bundles/fos_user.yml. Custom values in app/config/config.yml for the key fos_user will not be overriden by the LibrinfoUserBundle.

Updating your schema to add User and Group entities tables

$ app/console doctrine:schema:validate
$ app/console doctrine:schema:update --dump-sql
$ app/console doctrine:schema:update --force