Laravel like facades por PSR11 containers

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Laravel like Facades (static proxies) for PSR11 containers.

class HomeController
    public function __invoke()
        // It just works!
        return View::render('home.index', [
            'articles' => DB::query('SELECT * FROM articles')


PHP 7.2+ or 8+


Setup Container

$container = new \DI\Container();
$container->set('db', function () {
    return new PDO('mysql:dbname=testdb;host=', 'dbuser', 'dbpass');

Create Static Proxies

// app/Facades/DB.php

class DB extends StaticProxy
    public static function getInstanceIdentifier()
        return 'db';

Setup Facades

$proxyManager = new ProxyManager($container);
$proxyManager->addProxy('DB', DB::class);
$proxyManager->addProxy('View', View::class);


  • Static Proxy – Static class that proxies static method calls to instance methods on its Proxy Subject.
  • Proxy Subject (Instance) – An object instance, stored in a Container, that is linked to a Static Proxy.
  • Proxy Manager – Mediating object used to associate Static Proxies to an Alias Loader and Container.
  • Alias – A memorable class name used as an alias to a fully-qualified class name of a Static Proxy class.
  • Alias Loader – Maintainer of the associations between Aliases and Static Proxies. It is injected into the autoloader stack to handle Aliases as they are referenced.
  • Container – A IoC container (e.g., a Service Locator or DIC) that provides the Proxy Subject instances. It must implement the PSR-11 stardard's ContainerInterface.
  • Instance Identifier – An identifier used to fetch a Proxy Subject from a Container. Each Static Proxy must specify the Instance Identifier needed to get its Proxy Subject.
  • Root Namespace – The namespace that an Alias can be referenced in. This can be configured as the global namespace (default), a specific namespace, or any namespace (i.e., the Alias works from any namespace).



ReStatic is based on the awesome package XStatic created by Jeremy Lindblom.


I would not consider myself to be for or against the use of static proxy interfaces (or Laravel's "Facades"), but I do think it is a fascinating and unique idea, and that it is very cool that you can write code this way and still have it work and be testable. I am curious to see if developers, especially library and framework developers, find ways to use, but not require, these static proxy interfaces in order to make their projects appeal to a wider range of PHP developers.
Jeremy Lindblom