Zend Framework 2 module for accessing pimcore via its REST API

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Last update: 2022-09-26 03:49:01 UTC


Zend Framework 2 module for accessing pimcore via its REST API.


Installation of this module uses composer. For composer documentation, please refer to getcomposer.org.

php composer.phar require leuchtdiode/pimcore-rest-api

Then add PimcoreRestApi to your config/application.config.php.


Currently there are the following features included:

  • Retrieve document by ID
  • Retrieve document by its path
  • Search documents
  • A view helper to print freetext of a document

Set up

In order to use the API, you have to specify a config set pimcoreRestApi somewhere in your application (e.g. config/autoload/local.php)

You have to set the following parameters:

  • host: The host where your pimcore API resides (e.g. cms.company.com)
  • ssl: Defaults to false. Setting it to true will request API through SSL. (e.g. https://cms.company.com)
  • apiKey: The API-Key you generated in pimcore for your user

For example:

$config = [
	'pimcoreRestApi' => [
		'host'		=> 'cms.company.com',
		'ssl'		=> false,
		'apiKey'	=> '1233298asd89as9das89d9as9d8as89da9sd98as9dad',


We are suggesting not to use the API directly, but the services the module is providing through service locator. At the moment there is only a document service included.

You can use PimcoreRestApi\Service\Documents from service locator for retrieving documents:

  • Get one document by ID getById($documentId)
  • Get one document by path getByPath($documentPath)
  • Get all documents by path getAllByPath($path)

View helpers

The module is also providing a view helper for displaying freetext of a given document path.


By calling $this->praDocument() in your view you can get an instance of the document view helper which provides the following methods at the moment:

Print text for path


This method tries to fetch a document by its path, searching for all of its WYSIWYG elements, concatenates them and outputs the text. null gets returned if there was a problem fetching the document or finding WYSIWYG elements.


To minimize the API calls to the external pimcore system via its REST API we are suggesting setting up a storage cache provided by zend-cache.

The module has already implemented caching. You only have to tell him.

Setting up is as simple as defining a factory in service locator which is returning a Zend\Cache\Storage\StorageInterface for key PimcoreRestApi\StorageCache,