Silverstripe Extension to send noindex, nofollow for files in foldes that do not ShowInSearch.

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0.0.4 2021-11-30 08:35 UTC

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Last update: 2021-11-30 13:18:48 UTC


Silverstripe FolderIndex let you manage visibility of files for Search Engines on parent folder basis, by setting X-Robots header-tags noindex, nofollow, noimageindex, noarchive, nosnippet. By uncheck ShowInSearch under Details of a folder, headers 'll be set on all files contained, inclusive files in sub-folders. If gorriecoe/silverstripe-robots is installed, "unchecked folders" are also disallowed per robots.txt.

The module also adds NoFileIndex() to File. This can be used for checking in xml-sitemap, schema etc. and is used in CMS/Assets to indicate, if a file has X-Robots-Tag headers set per parent Folder or parent/parent/etc. If headers are set, it return the Folder-Object that blocks indexing, otherwise false. So far this module just integrates with Apache .htaccess.


  • silverstripe/asset-admin: ^1.6 (just tested with that)


Composer is the recommended way installing Silverstripe modules.

composer require lerni/folderindex

Run dev/build

Getting started / Usage

  • Uncheck the Indexing child files CheckBox of a folder under Permissions, save and rules in assets/.htaccess 'll be created accordingly.

Folder 'ShowInSearch' Checkbox File X-Robots Notification

This module "overwrites" SilverStripe/Assets/Flysystem/PublicAssetAdapter_HTAccess.ss


Thanks to @zauberfisch & @digitall-it for inspiration and the Italian translation.


  • Hook-in to write assets/.htaccess rather than just rely on dev/build?
  • roles are falsely also set for sub-folders, which are blocked through parents
  • show X-Robots-Tag alert-warning also in file section rather than just in the Details panel?