Silverstripe Extension to send noindex, nofollow for files in foldes that do not ShowInSearch.

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0.3.0 2023-09-04 11:49 UTC

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Last update: 2024-01-30 13:08:00 UTC


Silverstripe FolderIndex allows you to manage the visibility of files for search engines on a parent folder basis by utilizing X-Robots header tags such as noindex, nofollow, noimageindex, noarchive, and nosnippet. By unchecking the ShowInSearch option under the Details tab of a folder, X-Robots headers will be applied to all files contained within it, including those within sub-folders. If you have tractorcow/silverstripe-robots module installed, the "unchecked folders" are also disallowed in robots.txt.

The module also introduces NoFileIndex() function to File class. This can be useful for checking XML sitemaps, schemas etc. And is used in CMS/Assets context to indicate whether a file has X-Robots-Tag headers set through its parent folder or any higher-level ancestor folders. If such headers are set, the function returns the corresponding Folder object that prevents indexing; otherwise, it returns false. This module integrates with Apache .htaccess and also proved to work with Litespeed.


  • silverstripe/asset-admin: ^1.6


Composer is the recommended method for installing Silverstripe modules.

composer require lerni/folderindex

Run dev/build

Getting Started / Usage

  • Uncheck Indexing child files checkbox of a folder under Permissions, then save the changes and rules will automatically generate in assets/.htaccess based on your settings.

Folder 'ShowInSearch' Checkbox File X-Robots Notification

Please note this module "overwrites" SilverStripe/Assets/Flysystem/PublicAssetAdapter_HTAccess.ss template. If you have a custom template, you need to update it accordingly.


Thanks to @zauberfisch and @digitall-it for their inspiration and the Italian translation.


  • Implement a mechanism to write to assets/.htaccess directly, rather than relying solely on dev/build.
  • Address the issue where roles are erroneously assigned to sub-folders that are blocked through parent folders.
  • Provide the ability to configure the X-Robots-Tag settings through the configuration.
  • Display the X-Robots-Tag warning (alert) in the file section, not just in the Details panel.