Simple website search in SilverStripe

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This module allows to implement a simple search engine for a website.

All searches are directed to a single endpoint: /search/ which is registered in the SiteMap if you use silverstripe/googlesitemaps.

You can call $SimpleSearchForm in your layout to output a form or create your own : simple point to /search/?q=YourQueryHere.

The search controller will search existing pages and DataObjects available in the sitemap.

Rendering the layout is up to you, but sample templates based on Bootstrap 5 are available in the /templates folder. We use the default Page_results.ss layout.

Searching DataObjects

By default, this module will also search any DataObject registered in the sitemap.


Will by default enable search on these objects.


  • Please note with use ending / at the end of the url
  • Implement custom filters in your dataobjects with getSearchFilters


Tested with 4.6 but should work on any ^4 projects


LeKoala - thomas@lekoala.be