Dead simple modals for SilverStripe (works in the admin too!)

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Dead simple modals for SilverStripe (works in the admin too!)

Sample usage

Simply pass the content to display in the modal. The modal will be accessible through a button in the fieldset

You can also set an iframe to be displayed within the modal in case you want to display a form for example.

$myHtmlContent = "<p>Some content here</p>";
$ImportStuff = new PureModal('ImportStuff', 'Import Stuff', $myHtmlContent);
$fields->addFieldToTab('Root.Stuff', $ImportStuff);

And here is a sample import_stuff method

public function import_stuff(HTTPRequest $req)
    $Stuff = $this->getRequestedRecord();
    $fields = new FieldList([
        new FileField('File'),
        new HiddenField('StuffID', null, $Stuff->ID),
    $actions = new FieldList([
        new FormAction('doUpload', 'Upload')
    $form = new Form(Controller::curr(), 'MyForm', $fields, $actions);

    return PureModal::renderDialog($this, ['Form' => $form]);

Modal action

This feature require my cms-actions module.

    public function getCMSActions()
        $actions = parent::getCMSActions();
        $doDeny = new PureModalAction("doDeny", "Deny");
        $predefinedText = <<<TEXT
Dear Customer,

Your request has been denied.

Best regards,
        $iframeFields = new FieldList([
            new DropdownField("SelectReason", "Select reason"),
            new TextareaField("EnterText", "Enter custom text", $predefinedText),
        $doDeny->setDialogButtonTitle('Deny the request'); // customised modal submit button

It creates a button that opens a modal with a set of fields. These fields are submitted alongside the form.

    public function doDeny($data)
        $this->DeniedReason = $data['EnterText'];
        $this->Status = "denied";
        return 'Denied';

You can remove the submit button from the modal itself, for example to make it an information window only. By doing like this:

    public function getCMSActions()
        $actions = parent::getCMSActions();
        $doDeny = new PureModalAction("noopInfo", "Information");

        // .. add fields



Tested with ^5


LeKoala - thomas@lekoala.be