Multi step forms for SilverStripe

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A simple alternative to multiform

This module does not require storage in the back end and provide a somewhat easier DX.

How it works

Each step of your form should be named the same.

  • MyFormStep1
  • MyFormStep2
  • ...

They should all extends the base MultiStepForm class and implements the following abstract methods:

  • buildFields : returns a field list
  • getStepTitle : get the step title
class MyFormStep1 extends MultiStepForm
    public static function getStepTitle()
        return 'My Step';

    public function buildFields()
        $fields = new FieldList();
        return $fields;

In your controller, you declare a form like this:

private static $allowed_actions = array(

public function MyForm()
    $class = MyFormStep1::classForCurrentStep($this);
    return new $class($this);

Template helpers

You can display the steps using


This relies on some default styles that are added by default. You can disable styles and edit custom classes with:

  include_css: true
  class_active: 'current bg-primary text-white'
  class_inactive: 'link'
  class_completed: 'msf-completed bg-primary text-white'
  class_not_completed: 'msf-not-completed bg-light text-muted'


  • Doc
  • Tests


Tested with 4.6 but should work on any ^4.4 projects


LeKoala - thomas@lekoala.be