Better emails layout for SilverStripe

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2.2 2022-06-03 12:10 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-02-28 10:52:11 UTC


Replace the default html template by one made with [Foundation Emails] (http://foundation.zurb.com/emails/docs/css-guide.html).

The email templates use zurb/foundation-emails to provide a consistent markup.

Expanded generic emails

The generic email comes with a few new options:

  • If you define a Callout, it will be displated as a callout
  • If you define a Sidebar, a right sidebar will be displayed (ratio 7/5)
  • If you define a HeroImage (an Image object), it will be displayed below the body and before the callout
$email = new Email();
'EmailContent' => 'Here is my body',
'Callout' => 'Here is my callout',
'Sidebar' => 'Here is my sidebar',
'HeroImage' => Image::get()->first()

A default Header and Footer is provided:

  • The header display the logo or the title of the website
  • The footer display the social medias links and a user defined text in the SiteConfig (under EmailFooter)

In the footer, social medias links should be provided through the EmailFooterLinks method on the SiteConfig. Each item consist of a : Class, Link, Label and Icon.

NOTE: do not use setBody because it will prevent the usage of the default template. Instead, rely on addData(['EmailContent' => $body]).

Template helpers

Instead of relying on specific markup, you can also use template helpers directly in your email templates. For instance:

$email = new Email();
$viewer = new SSViewer('MyEmailTemplate');
$result = $viewer->process($this);
$email->addData(['EmailContent' => (string) $result]);

Dear Customer,<br/><br/>
Please find your password reset link:<br/><br/>
$FoundationButton('Reset your passowrd', $PasswordResetLink)

Available helpers are:

  • FoundationSpacer
  • FoundationButton
  • FoundationCallout
  • FoundationContainer

Make it your own styles

The templates are divided in various include which allow you to easily make them fit your styles.

To define your base styles, override FoundationEmailStyles.ss.

To define your own headers and footers, override FoundationEmailFooter and FoundationEmailHeader.

Two other styles are provided : "vision" and "ceej". Feel free to use the one you like the most. You can select your theme by applying the following config.

    theme: "vision"

You can also edit basic color or use extension point "updateFoundationColors".

        HeaderBg: "#333"
        Header: "#fff"
        Link: "#2199e8"
        Background: "#f3f3f3"
        CalloutBg: "#ddd"
        Callout: "#ddd"
        BtnBg: "#333"
        Btn: "#fff"

Consistent ChangePassword and ForgotPassword templates

These default templates have been overriden.

NOTE : we include a button to reset the password instead of a plain link.

Create new emails

As explained in the [SilverStripe documentation] (https://docs.silverstripe.org/en/4/developer_guides/email/) you can create subclasses of the Email class.

An example class has been provided called WelcomeEmail.

Testing emails

For your convenience, a task called "Email Viewer Task" has been provided.

This task allow you to select any subclass of the Email class and see its html (preview and code).

You can also set the locale and inline styles (require pelago/emogrifier) for better testing.

If your emails require constructor arguments that are DataObjects, random records from your database will be injected. If you want to inject specific records, pass ClassNameID=YourID as GET parameters (for instance MemberID=5).


Tested with 4.1+


LeKoala - thomas@lekoala.be