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1.4.0 2023-08-10 13:25 UTC

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This module allows you to define a backend that defers your script by default. As a nice bonus, it also allows you to set a simple content security policy by adding nonce to your scripts.

Defer your requirements

In order to defer your scripts, you need to replace in your PageController the default backend.

protected function init()


Once this is done, all scripts (provided by modules or yourself) will be deferred. This is great for performance because all scripts become non blocking and load order is preserved. Scripts are added in the head, since they are not blocking, the browser can load them while parsing the html.

Inline scripts

Deferring inline scripts is not possible as such. But since events are fired once the dom is parsed, you can wrap your scripts like so

window.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() { ... });

This module automatically does this. Be aware that if you rely on global variables, you might want to prevent this from happening by adding a comment with //window.addEventListener somewhere. This will prevent our class to automatically wrap your script.

Css order

This module also check your css files and make sure your themes files are loaded last. This make sure that your styles cascade properly.

Themed javascript

You can pass an array of options instead of just "type" parameter.

Cookie consent

In order to support my cookieconsent module you can now pass an additionnal option "cookie-consent" to your javascript files to load them conditionnaly.

Requirements::javascript('myscript.js',['cookie-consent' => 'tracking']);

This also work (kind of) for custom scripts. Since the requirements api does not support anything outside script and uniquenessID, we append the cookie type to the uniquenessID id

Requirements::customScript($script, "ga-tracking");

Security headers

As a small bonus, this module allows you to add two security headers:

  • Referrer-Policy
  • Strict-Transport-Security (only if https is enabled)
public function handleRequest(HTTPRequest $request)
    $response = parent::handleRequest($request);


    return $response;

Js modules support

If you want to use native js modules, this can be done with the following config flag:`

    enable_js_modules: true

Js modules are deferred by default as well. In addition, script with type=module are only loaded by modern browser, which can be really nice if you want to use modern browsers and let other older browsers experience a js-less webpage.

This allows you to use native es6 syntax without bundlers like webpack, etc. at the cost of not supporting older browsers.

Content security policy

This module also add random nonce to your scripts. This allows you to setup a simple Content Security Policy.

Also, a $getCspNonce is made available in your templates.

public function handleRequest(HTTPRequest $request)
    $response = parent::handleRequest($request);


    return $response;

Please note that the csp is disabled by default. You might want to enable it with the following config:

    enable_csp: true
    csp_report_uri: "https://my-url-here"
    csp_report_only: false

Consider setting this to csp_report_only at the beginnning because enabling csp can break your website.


Tested with ^4.10


LeKoala - thomas@lekoala.be