PHP whoops error on slim framework

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PHP whoops error on slim framework


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Install the composer

curl -sS https://getcomposer.org/installer | php

Edit composer.json

Slim Whoops Version Global Mode PHP DI
1 n/a 0.1.* no no
2 1.* 0.3.* no no
3 <= 1.* 0.4.* no no
3 >= 2.* 0.5.* no no
3 >= 2.* 0.6.* yes yes

For Slim framework 3, The composer.json will looks like

	"require": {
		"zeuxisoo/slim-whoops": "0.6.*"

Now, install or update the dependencies

php composer.phar install


Just need to add the middleware in your slim application.

Simple way

In this case, You must ensure this line is first added and on top of other middlewares

$app->add(new \Zeuxisoo\Whoops\Provider\Slim\WhoopsMiddleware);
$app->add(new \Other\MiddlewareA);
$app->add(new \Other\MiddlewareB);

Better DI

In this case, You can place this line anywhere no position required

$app->add(new \Zeuxisoo\Whoops\Provider\Slim\WhoopsMiddleware($app));

Global mode

In this case, The following code can make Whoops errors in the global scope, whether you have destroyed the program's life cycle

$whoopsGuard = new \Zeuxisoo\Whoops\Provider\Slim\WhoopsGuard();

Custom Whoops Handler

In this case, You can push custom handler to whoops. For example:

A handler like:

$simplyErrorHandler = function($exception, $inspector, $run) {
    $message = $exception->getMessage();
    $title   =  $inspector->getExceptionName();

    echo "{$title} -> {$message}";

Middleware case like:

new \Zeuxisoo\Whoops\Provider\Slim\WhoopsMiddleware($app, [$simplyErrorHandler]);

Global mode case like:

$whoopsGuard = new \Zeuxisoo\Whoops\Provider\Slim\WhoopsGuard();


Opening referenced files with your favorite editor or IDE

$app = new App([
    'settings' => [
    	 // Enable whoops
        'debug'         => true,

        // Support click to open editor
        'whoops.editor' => 'sublime',

        // Display call stack in orignal slim error when debug is off
        'displayErrorDetails' => true,

Important Note

Version 0.3.0

Version 0.2.0

  • You must to install the whoops library manually.


Run the test cases

php vendor/bin/phpunit