This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the slevomat/coding-standard package instead.

A PHP_CodeSniffer standard for Symfony 2 applications

v2.0.3 2015-03-25 10:07 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-05-21 08:07:22 UTC


A composer installable coding standard to check against the Symfony coding standards.

This project was based on the standard provided by @lapistano


This coding standard can be installed via composer or be used in you PHP_CodeSniffer install over PECL. Both ways are described in the following but the composer way is recommedend:

Using Composer

  1. Install The standard as dependency of your composer based project (It will install the composer version of PHP_CodeSniffer as dependency):

     $ php composer.phar require --dev leaphub/phpcs-symfony2-standard:~2.0.0
  2. Profit!

     $ bin/phpcs --standard=vendor/leaphub/phpcs-symfony2-standard/leaphub/phpcs/Symfony2/ --extensions=php src/

Using PEAR

  1. Install PHP_CodeSniffer:

     $ pear install PHP_CodeSniffer
  2. Find your PEAR directory:

     $ pear config-show | grep php_dir
  3. Copy, symlink or check out this repo to a folder called Symfony2 inside the phpcs Standards directory:

     $ cd /path/to/pear/PHP/CodeSniffer/Standards
     $ git clone git@github.com:leaphub/phpcs-symfony2-standard.git Symfony2
  4. Set Symfony2 as your default coding standard if cou want:

     $ phpcs --config-set default_standard Symfony2
  5. Profit!

     $ phpcs --standard=Symfony2 --extensions=php src/


If you do contribute code to these sniffs, please make sure it conforms to the PEAR coding standard and that the Symfony2-coding-standard unit tests still pass.

To check the coding standard, run from the Symfony2-coding-standard source root:

$ phpcs --ignore=*/tests/* --standard=PEAR . -n

The unit-tests are run from within the PHP_CodeSniffer directory:

$ phpunit --filter Symfony2_* tests/AllTests.php