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Shū is an event-driven state (aka state machine) library for PHP. It is designed to be lightweight, easy to use and easy to extend. Unlike other state libraries, Shū is not bound to any framework and can be used in any PHP project.

🗂 Basic Usage

There are many ways to use Shū. The easiest way is to define your states and events in a state file and then load it into Shū.


require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

$machine = createMachine([
    'initial' => 'pending',
    'states' => [
    'transitions' => [
        'approve' => [
            'from' => 'pending',
            'to' => 'approved',
        'reject' => [
            'from' => 'pending',
            'to' => 'rejected',
            'action' => function () {
                // perform an action and return true if successful
                return true;

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