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This package provides a simple integration of the Official Nest Api for your PHP project.

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With composer, add:

$ composer require laulamanapps/nest-api

Get Access Token

Sign up at Nest as a Developer and get yourself an ClientID and ClientSecret

Run the get-oauth-token in the terminal and follow the instructions

$ ./bin/get-oauth-token


use LauLamanApps\NestApi\NestClientFactory;
use LauLamanApps\NestApi\Client\Device\Thermostat\Temperature;

$client = NestClientFactory::create('<AccessToken>');

$thermostat = $client->getThermostat('<DeviceId>');

// Get current Temperature
echo 'The current temperature is:';
echo $thermostat->getAmbientTemperature();

// Set Target Temperature
$newTemperature = Temperature::celsius(21.5);


This package comes with 2 types of tests: Unit and Integration. To run them you can use the make commands in the projects root.

$ make test-unit
$ make test-integration


Nest API has been developed by LauLaman.