LaSalle Software Backup Package.

v2.3.0 2022-03-25 16:09 UTC


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Backup package for my LaSalle Software.

I want a very clean, and very lean, way to backup my admin app's database to Amazon Web Service's S3. So I created this package. This is likely the most self serving package of my LaSalle Software suite, because the code is so darn specific to my own needs.

I have drawn obvious inspiration from Laravel Backup and another Spatie package. And, from over a decade of using the incredible Akeeba Backup.


I cannot stress enough how casual this package is! It's sole intention is to scratch a personal itch.

No doubt you are better off with Spatie's package!

Also, Forge is coming out with a new database backup feature, and Vapor has its own database backup feature.


If you discover any security related issues, please email Bob Bloom at "bob dot bloom at lasallesoftware dot ca" instead of using the issue tracker.