Laravel Scout Sphinx Driver

1.0.1 2020-09-30 16:16 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-02-29 03:52:13 UTC




Use the following command to install package via composer

composer require larva/laravel-scout-sphinxsearch


Publish the Scout configuration using the vendor:publish Artisan command.

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Laravel\Scout\ScoutServiceProvider"

This command will publish the scout.php configuration file to your config directory. Edit this file to set 'sphinxsearch' as a Scout driver:

'driver' => env('SCOUT_DRIVER', 'sphinxsearch'),

And add default Sphinx connection options

    'sphinxsearch' => [
        'host' => env('SPHINX_HOST', 'localhost'),
        'port' => env('SPHINX_PORT', '9306'),
        'socket' => env('SPHINX_SOCKET'),
        'charset' => env('SPHINX_CHARSET'),

Override these variables in your .env file if need.


  • Add the Laravel\Scout\Searchable trait to the model you would like to make searchable.
  • Customize index name and searchable data for the model:
    public function searchableAs()
        return 'posts_index';
    public function toSearchableArray()
        $array = $this->toArray();

        // Customize array...

        return $array;

The basic search:

$orders = App\Order::search('Star Trek')->get();

Please refer to the Scout documentation for additional information. You can run more complex queries on index using callback, set the where clause, orderBy or paginate, for example:

$oorders = App\Order::search($keyword, function (SphinxQL $query) {
        return $query->groupBy('description');
    ->where('status', 1)
    ->orderBy('date', 'DESC')

Note: Changes on Sphinx indexes are only allowed for RT (Real Time) indexes. If you have ones and you need to update/delete records please define public $isRT = true; model's property.