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Laravel 5 package for communicating with the API from


You can install the package through Composer.

composer require laravel-versio/laravel-versio

You must install this service provider.

// config/app.php
'providers' => [

Then publish the config and migration file of the package using artisan.

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="LaravelVersio\ServiceProvider"

And adjust config file (config/versio.php) with your desired settings.


All that is left to do is to define 3 ENV configuration variables.


Next you can use it like this:

$versio = new LaravelVersio;

$versio will now have the following modules available:

    ->lists() // overview of all domains
    ->get($domain) // domain info
    ->getDnsRecords($domain) // domain dns records
    ->register($domain, (int) $contactId, (int) $years, array $nameservers) // register domain
    ->renew($domain, (int) $years) // renew a domain
    ->update($domain, $data) // update a domain
    ->available($domain) // check if a domain is available
    ->setDnsManagement($domain) // set domain on DNS management
    ->setNameServerManagement($domain) // set domain on nameserver management
    ->get((int) $contactId) // get a contact
    ->create(array $data) // create a contact
    ->delete((int) $contactId) // delete a contact
    ->lists() // overview of all contacts
    ->prices() // overview for prices
    ->info($tld) // tld info
    ->lists() // overview of all dns templates
    ->get($dnsTemplateId) // get template info
    ->delete($dnsTemplateId) // delete template
    ->update($dnsTemplateId, array $data) // update a template
    ->create(array $data) // create a template


$versio = new Versio;
$domain = $versio->domains()->get('');
// $domain contains data now

Another example:

$contact = (new Versio)->contacts()->get(55);
// $contact contains contact data now

You will have to get the API documentation from VERSIO to see what you can fill in the arrays:


The laravel versio package is open source software licensed under the license MIT