An expressive, human readable code generation tool.

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Blueprint is an open-source tool for rapidly generating multiple Laravel components from a single, human readable definition.

Watch a quick demo of Blueprint in action and continue reading this document to get started.


Blueprint requires a Laravel application running version 6.0 or higher.


You can install Blueprint via composer using the following command:

composer require --dev laravel-shift/blueprint

Blueprint will automatically register itself using package discovery.

Additional Configuration: If you are running Laravel 8, or registering class-based routes or using the app/Models folder, you will need to configure Blueprint. Please review the Blueprint Docs for additional guidance.

Basic Usage

Blueprint comes with a set of artisan commands. The one you'll use the most is the blueprint:build command to generate the Laravel components:

php artisan blueprint:build [draft]

The draft file contains a definition of the components to generate.

Let's review the following, example draft file to generate some blog components:

    title: string:400
    content: longtext
    published_at: nullable timestamp
    author_id: id:user

      query: all
      render: post.index with:posts

      validate: title, content, author_id
      save: post
      send: ReviewPost with:post
      dispatch: SyncMedia with:post
      fire: NewPost with:post
      flash: post.title
      redirect: post.index

From these simple 20 lines of YAML, Blueprint will generate all of the following Laravel components:

  • A model class for Post complete with fillable, casts, and dates properties, as well as relationships methods.
  • A migration to create the posts table.
  • A factory intelligently setting columns with fake data.
  • A controller class for PostController with index and store actions complete with code generated for each statement.
  • Routes for the PostController actions.
  • A form request of StorePostRequest validating title and content based on the Post model definition.
  • A mailable class for ReviewPost complete with a post property set through the constructor.
  • A job class for SyncMedia complete with a post property set through the constructor.
  • An event class for NewPost complete with a post property set through the constructor.
  • A Blade template of post/index.blade.php rendered by PostController@index.

Note: This example assumes features within a default Laravel application such as the User model and `app.blade.php layout. Otherwise, the generated test may have failures.


Browse the Blueprint Docs for full details on defining models, defining controllers, advanced configuration, and extending Blueprint.