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Currencies is an extension of the Laravel Liberu enviroment, designed for management of currencies and exchange rates.

Note: The package cannot be used outside of Liberu enviroment and is not included in Laravel Liberu Core packages.


  • handles CRUD operations for currencies and exchange rates
  • manages the default currency for your project
  • exchange rates can be input for a given day
  • comes with an included currencies seeder which can be published and further customized
  • includes front-end assets


  • install the package using composer: composer require laravel-liberu/currencies
  • adds the following alias in webackpack.mix.js
        resolve: {
            extensions: ['.js', '.vue', '.json'],
            alias: {
                 //other aliases
                '@currencies': `${__dirname}/vendor/laravel-liberu/currencies/src/resources/js`,
  • in resources/js/router.js file, verify that RouteMerger is imported, or import it

import RouteMerger from '@core-modules/importers/RouteMerger';

  • make sure routeImporter is also imported

import routeImporter from '@core-modules/importers/routeImporter';

  • then use RouteMerger to import front-end assets using the alias defined in webpack.mix.js
(new RouteMerger(routes))
    .add(routeImporter(require.context('./routes', false, /.*\.js$/)))
    .add(routeImporter(require.context('@currencies/routes', false, /.*\.js$/)));
  • in resources/js/app.js import the package's icons

import '@currencies/icons'

  • make sure hot module replacement is not active, and run yarn dev or npm run dev


  • you can publish the currency seeder and customize it to your liking

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=currency-seeder


The package uses the following icons:

  • coins
  • bar-chart


are welcome. Pull requests are great, but issues are good too.


This package is released under the MIT license.