Control Panel API for Laravel Liberu


Control Panel API

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The package depends on the Laravel/Passport official package.


Follow the next steps for completing the Passport package install:

  • run composer require laravel-liberu/ControlPanelApi
  • run php artisan migrate
  • run php artisan passport:install
  • set 'driver' => 'passport', inside config/auth.php for the api guard.
  • publish the laravel passport FE components: php artisan vendor:publish --tag=passport-components
  • register the components in resources/js/app.js
    • Vue.component('passport-clients', require('./components/passport/Clients.vue'));
    • Vue.component('passport-authorized-clients', require('./components/passport/AuthorizedClients.vue'));
    • Vue.component('passport-personal-access-tokens', require('./components/passport/PersonalAccessTokens.vue'));
  • compile the js assets npm run dev, gulp, etc.
  • include the component <passport-clients></passport-clients> where desired. Optionally, you may use the manage-oauth-tokens permission to allow just admins to manage the clients.

Next steps are required for this package:

  • Use the FE to define an OAuth client, and take note of the ID and the secret (you'll need these in the client that consumes the services)

Note The packages comes with the manage-oauth-tokens policy that allows you to only show the passport-clients VueJS component to admins.


are welcome. Pull requests are great, but issues are good too.


This package is released under the MIT license.