Laravel 5.5.X Front-end preset for UIKit 3.

0.0.8 2018-04-22 17:25 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-05-19 00:26:53 UTC


Adds a preset for UIKit 3 scaffolding on new Laravel 5.5+ projects, will add individual SASS components and import the UIKit 3 core javascript.


1- Install via composer composer require laravel-frontend-presets/uikit3.

2- The package should use laravels new auto discovery, if not however you can manually register the service provider - typically done inside the app.php providers array e.g LaravelFrontendPresets\UIKit3Preset\UIKit3PresetServiceProvider::class.

3- Run php artisan preset uikit3 this will generate the js and scss needed.

4- Optional If you need make:auth to use uikit, run php artisan preset uikit3-auth to generate the templates.

5- Optional You can then run something like the vuejs or react presets as well.


This replaces the default laravel auth scaffolding, so if you want to revert to bootstrap, you'll need to run artisan make:auth again to overwrite it.


Bootstrap has outlived its welcome creating generic designs and is lacking in many features required for modern web builds, UIKit 3 has a great eco-system and feature rich making it a perfect modular framework, allowing you to require just what you need.