Discover and filter PHP Classes within a directory

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Discover and filter PHP Classes within a directory.

use Laragear\Discover\Facades\Discover;

foreach (Discover::in('Rules') as $rule) {
    // ...

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  • PHP 8.1 or later
  • Laravel 10 or later (optional)


You can install the package via Composer:

composer require laragear/discover


The Discover finds classes under a given project path. It contains fluent methods to filter the classes to discover, like method and property names, interfaces, traits, and attributes.

Let's make a simple example: list all classes that include the method handle(), inside the App\Scoreboards or deeper.

use Laragear\Discover\Facades\Discover;

$classes = Discover::withMethod('handle')->in('Scoreboards')->allClasses();

The Discover class will automatically resolve your project path, and use your application path (app) and namespace (App) as the base to find the matching classes.


The discovered classes must be PSR-4 autoloaded.

Application path and namespace

Most Laravel projects use the app and App as the application path and namespace, respectively. The library will use these, or any other set for your application.

To discover classes elsewhere, you will need to use the from() method to change both. If you don't set the namespace, it will be inferred from the path.

use Laragear\Discover\Facades\Discover;

// Discover starting at the "my-project/score" using "Score" as the base namespace. 
$classes = Discover::at('score')->classes();

// Discover starting at the "my-project/match" using the "Matches" as the base namespace.
$classes = Discover::at('/match', 'Matches')->classes();


Use the in() method to set the base namespace to find classes. For example, if we want the classes in the App\Scoreboards namespace, we only need to set Scoreboardsboards.

use Laragear\Discover\Facades\Discover;

$classes = Discover::in('Scoreboards')->classes();


You may use the included filters to find classes that are instances of another class, or contains a given member or attribute.

use Laragear\Discover\Facades\Discover;
use App\Score\Contracts\Score;
use App\Score\Concerns\FiresEvents;
use App\Attributes\Subscribable;

// Filter all classes instances of at least one of the given classes/interfaces. 

// Filter all classes with at least one of the given public methods.

// Filter all classes with at least one of the given public properties.

// Filter all classes with at least one of the given traits.

// Filter all classes with at least one of the given attributes.

Additional filters

Since the classes are returned as ReflectionClass instances inside a Collection, you can further filter the list. For example, filter all the class names that don't end with Score.

use Laragear\Discover\Facades\Discover;
use Illuminate\Support\Str;

$classes = Discover::in('Scoreboards')
    ->filter(fn ($class) => Str::endsWith($class->getName(), 'Score'));

Retrieving classes

Once you're done building, you can retrieve the found classes as a Collection using classes().

use Laragear\Discover\Facades\Discover;

// Find all classes in `App\Scoreboards`.
$classes = Discover::in('Scoreboards')->classes();

The Discover class only looks for classes in the namespace set. To make the search recursive, you can use allClasses(), or set recursive() before the retrieval.

use Laragear\Discover\Facades\Discover;

// Find all classes in `App\Scoreboards` and deeper.
$classes = Discover::in('Scoreboards')->recursively()->classes();

// Same as...
$classes = Discover::in('Scoreboards')->allClasses();

In any case, the Discoverer itself is iterable, so you can immediately use it inside a foreach loop.

use Laragear\Discover\Facades\Discover;

foreach (Discover::recursive()->in('Scoreboards') as $class) {
    // ...

You may also pass down any method Collection method or High Order method directly, which may save you a few keystrokes.

use Laragear\Discover\Facades\Discover;

$classes = Discover::in('Scoreboards')->map->isFinal();

Outside Laravel

It's possible to use the Discoverer outside Laravel projects, as it only requires the illuminate/support library. You may need to set your project root path manually.

use Laragear\Discover\Discoverer;

$discoverer = new Discoverer(__DIR__ . '/..');

foreach ($discoverer->at('software', 'Application')->in('Events') as $event) {
    // ...

Laravel Octane compatibility

  • There are no singletons using a stale application instance.
  • There are no singletons using a stale config instance.
  • There are no singletons using a stale request instance.
  • There are no static properties written.

There should be no problems using this package with Laravel Octane.


If you discover any security related issues, please email instead of using the issue tracker.


This specific package version is licensed under the terms of the MIT License, at time of publishing.

Laravel is a Trademark of Taylor Otwell. Copyright © 2011-2024 Laravel LLC.