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Available for Windows, Linux and macOS.

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👋 Hello Dev,

LaraDumps is a friendly app that boosts your Laravel PHP coding and debugging experience.

When using LaraDumps, you can see the result of your debug displayed in a standalone Desktop application.

These are some debug tools available for you:

Get Started


PHP 8.0+ and Laravel 8.75+

Using Laravel

 composer require laradumps/laradumps --dev

PHP Project

 composer require laradumps/laradumps-core --dev

See also:

  • Debug your code using ds() in the same way you would use Laravel's native functions dump() or dd().

  • Run your Laravel application and see the debug dump in the LaraDumps App window.


Here's an example:

// File: routes/web.php


Route::get('/', function () {
    ds('Home page accessed!');
    return view('home');

The Desktop App receives:


LaraDumps is a free open-source project, and it was inspired by Spatie Ray, check it out!