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This package is an extension for Laravel Data by Spatie and L5-Swagger by Darkaonline. It allows you to generate Swagger documentation and DTOs for your API based on the Laravel Data package.


You can install the package via composer:

composer require langsys/data-swagger


You can publish the configuration file with:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Langsys\SwaggerAutoGenerator\DataSwaggerServiceProvider" --tag="config"

You can customize the configuration file to fit your needs. The configuration file is located at config/langsys-generator.php.

return [
    'paths' => [
        'data_objects' => app_path('DataObjects'),
        'swagger_docs' => app_path('Swagger/Schemas.php')

Modify the paths array to point to the directory where your DataObjects and Langsys Schemas should be generated.

You can generate the Langsys Schemas by running the following command:

php artisan data-swagger:generate

This will generate Swagger Schemas based on the configuration file.

To Generate the Data Objects, you can run the following command:

php artisan data-swagger:dto --model="App\Models\User"

This will generate a DataObject for the User model.



namespace App\DataObjects;

use Spatie\LaravelData\Data;

/** @typescript */
final class UserData extends Data
    public function __construct(
        public string $id,       
        public string $firstname,
        public string $lastname,
        public string $email,       
        public ?string $email_verified_at,
        public string $password,       
        public ?string $remember_token,        
        public ?string $created_at,
        public ?string $updated_at,      
    ) {

Extended Usage

If you have custom fields in your Schemas, that do not exist in Laravel Default Helpers or Faker Functions, you can add your own custom functions to the config/langsys-generator.php file.

    'faker_attribute_mapper' => [
        'address_1' => 'streetAddress',
        'address_2' => 'buildingNumber',
        'zip' => 'postcode',
        '_at' => 'date',
        '_url' => 'url',
        'locale' => 'locale',
        'phone' => 'phoneNumber',
        '_id' => 'id'

    //These are examples of custom functions that can be used in the data object, you can add more functions here, or remove them if you don't need them.
    'custom_functions' => [
        'id' => [\Langsys\SwaggerAutoGenerator\Functions\CustomFunctions::class,'id'],
        'locale' => [\Langsys\SwaggerAutoGenerator\Functions\CustomFunctions::class,'locale'],
        'date' => [\Langsys\SwaggerAutoGenerator\Functions\CustomFunctions::class,'date'],

In the above example, we have added a custom function locale that generates a random locale string. Here is an example of how the custom function looks like:


namespace Langsys\SwaggerAutoGenerator\Functions;

use App\Models\Locale;

class CustomFunctions
    public function locale(): string
        $locales = Locale::all();

        return $locales->get(random_int(1, $locales->count()))->code;


composer test