Composer Plugin for development environments

v1.10.0 2022-12-07 10:17 UTC


This is a composer plugin which prepares some of your projects in a composer based Drupal installation for drupal-org contributions powered by Dorgflow.


If you're using the Drupal Development Environment, everything is already available for you. Otherwise call composer require --dev lakedrops/dorgflow and everything will be taken care off for you automatically - even if you update your Drupal project at any time in the future, the development environments for your defined projects will be kept in place and properly configured.


Add a dorgflow section to your .lakedrops.yml with a list of all the project you want to maintain given their respective versions:

    drupal/colorbox_field_formatter: 8.x-1.x
    drupal/dimension: 8.x-1.x
    drupal/drd: 8.x-3.x
    drupal/drd_agent: 8.x-3.x
    drupal/devel: 1.x-dev
        path: composer/plugins
        version: develop


There are basicly two different use cases: for projects that you keep maintaining for a longer period of time, you add them to the extra/dorgflow section in your composer.json and when ever you run composer update, this will also refresh those projects and re-clone the projects so that you can continue maintaining them in you development environment.

For projects, you have a spontaneous need, e.g. for writing a patch to an issue, there is a quick way to achieve the same without having to run composer update. Simply add the project to the extra/dorgflow section as well and then call composer lakedrops:dorgflow. This will just checkout all the projects in this section if needed and you're ready to go.