Composer Library to provide utilities to work with project's own composer.json file

v2.4.0 2022-12-07 10:14 UTC


This base libary doesn't do much by itself. It exists as a foundation for most of the other plugins from LakeDrops and builds the composer command, plugin and handler framework together with a few utilities that are useful in most plugins:


Manages all the settings (default and custom) for each plugin and stores them all together in the project root in a file called .lakedrops.yml. This file should be committed to your Git repository as it contains settings for the project similar to all developers and stages.


Manages stored environment variables in a env file in the root of the project. This file should NOT be committed to the Git repository, it contains local settings specific to the developer and stage.


A helper class to properly merge PHP array, borrowed from Drupal core.


All those utilities can be used in handler, that extend the BaseHandler class from this library with $this->utility() calls, where utility is a placeholder for any of the available callbacks. For scripts outside of the BaseHandler context, this class provides static access to the same utilities.