Carbon 2 adapter for Laravel

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Carbon 2 adapter for Laravel

To install Carbon 2 in your Laravel project, add the following dependencies to your composer.json:

  "require": {
    "kylekatarnls/laravel-carbon-2": "^1.0.0",
    "nesbot/carbon": "2.27.0 as 1.39.0"

Then run:

composer update

Why do I need 2 more package?

Current stable versions of Laravel require Carbon version 1 (with various minimum and maximum minor versions).

So we need first to set the nesbot/carbon to 2.x version and add an alias so it won't conflict with the inner Carbon version required by Laravel.

Then, Laravel extends the Carbon class to add JSON serialization and macros. The way macros are implemented is not compatible with Carbon 2. And JSON serialization and macros are still there in Carbon since version 1.26.0 and work exactly the same way. That's why they could be safely removed when working with Carbon 2.

So we install kylekatarnls/laravel-carbon-2 that basically "removes" the no longer needed overrides of Laravel Carbon class by providing a replacement Illuminate\Support\Carbon class that comes with no overrides and have the precedence over the Laravel's class.