Woocommerce addon to use Kyber widget as a payment gateway, allow shop to accept coins/tokens payment


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Kyber Payment Gateway for WooCommerce



  • PHP version 7.2+
  • WordPress 4.0+
  • WooCommerce 3.0+


Install from source code

  1. Clone code repo to your /wp-content/plugins/
git clone
  1. Install required components
composer install
  1. Activate plugin

Install from zip file

  1. Download the plugin zip file
  2. Unzip to your wordpress folder /wp-content/plugins
  3. Activate plugin /wp-admin/plugins.php


After activate, you will find plugin settings under WordPress Dashboard/WooCommerce/Payment. Enable payment gateway will add an option to pay by tokens to your checkout page.


Plugin settings include:

  • Title Title will be display as a payment option for user in checkout pages.

  • Description Description will be display under the payment option, describe what payment gateway is for.

  • Receive Address This is the wallet address where you want to receive the payment. This address is required, without this address payment will not be processed.

  • Receive Token Symbol This is token symbol (currency) which you want to receive from payment. This token is only in list accept to swap by Kyber Network.

  • Network This is Ethereum network where you want the payment gateway runs on. There are 2 options, Ropsten for test and Mainnet for your production.

  • Mode This is mode for display the Kyber Widget. There are 3 options available.

  • Network node endpoint This options is for tracking tx status

  • Block Confirmation Number of block confirmation for confirm tx as success

  • Commission ID Registered ETH address that is part of the fee sharing program

Transaction Monitoring:

  • In order to check if the payment is success, we use widget-monitor-php to monitor transaction, you can find details information here

Sample Walkthrough

You can find a sample walkthough on how to use the plugin (with screenshot) here

Developer documentation and contribution guidelines

If you are a developer and want to contribute to the repository, please check out the developer docs and contribution guidelines


The MIT License (MIT)