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This Bundle implements the PHP Neo4j OGM

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Neo4j OGM

This bundle lets you make use of the Neo4j Graph Database REST API inside your symfony applications.

It is momently a WIP as it relies on the Neo4j-PHP-OGM from lphuberdeau that gives integration with Doctrine Common.

My main focus is momently the User Management integrated with FOSUB and Neo4j, I will come on this bundle later.

Contributions for adding compiler to configuration and travis love would be really appreciated !


Requires :

Installation :

Installation is a quick three-steps process :

Add the package in your composer.json file

    "kwattro/neo4j-ogm-bundle": "dev-master"

Add the bundle to your AppKernel :

new Kwattro\Neo4jBundle\KwattroNeo4jBundle(),

Configure the bundle in your config.yml file :

    host: "localhost"
    port: 7474


The usage is a little bit like the Doctrine ORM, to access the graph you just need to call the graph manager service :

$graph = $this->container->get('kwattro_neo4j.graph_manager');

// Create a new node
$user = new User();
$user->setFullName('Christophe Willemsen');

// Retrieving node
$repo = $graph->getRepository('Acme\UserBundle\Entity\User');
$user = $repo->findOneByFullname('Christophe Willemsen');

// You can then pass the object to your views layer and use it like a simple Doctrine object


Christophe Willemsen : @kwattro


Bundle under the MIT License