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Faspay Gateway for Omnipay payment

v1.0.2 2020-11-19 04:34 UTC

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Last update: 2021-06-19 06:07:59 UTC


Unofficial package Faspay Business Payment Gateway

Omnipay is a framework agnostic, multi-gateway payment processing library for PHP 5.3+.


Install via Composer :

composer require kurniajigunawan/faspay-omnipay


On this package is full supported for debit transaction of Faspay Payment :

  • Faspay Channel
  • Faspay Purchase
  • Faspay Complete Purchase (Notification)
  • Faspay Cancel
  • Faspay Inquiry

We have a plan to support a credit card soon on next release.

Example Code

An example code for Faspay Channel :

$gateway = new DebitGateway();

$channel = $gateway->channel();
$channel->setRequest('Daftar Payment Channel');

For general usage instructions, please see the main Omnipay repository.


If you are having general issues with Omnipay, we suggest posting on Stack Overflow. Be sure to add the omnipay tag so it can be easily found.

If you believe you have found a bug, please report it using the GitHub issue tracker, or better yet, fork the library and submit a pull request.