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Easier handling of Import in Sonata Admin.

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Easier handling of Import in Sonata Admin.

Built on top of Importer.

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Because Symfony Flex auto-detects and then registers bundles on its own, you first need to install kunicmarko/importer, add it to bundles.php, and then do the same thing for kunicmarko/sonata-importer-bundle.

1. Install kunicmarko/importer

First you need to install kunicmarko/importer, and register the bundle by following this guide.

2. Add dependency with composer

composer require kunicmarko/sonata-importer-bundle

3. Register the bundle in your Kernel

return [
    KunicMarko\SonataImporterBundle\SonataImporterBundle::class => ['all' => true],


Currently, you can only change the template files used in bundle, default config looks like:

# config/packages/sonata_importer.yaml
        form:                 '@SonataImporter/form.html.twig'
        action_button:        '@SonataImporter/action_button.html.twig'
        dashboard_action:     '@SonataImporter/dashboard_action.html.twig'

How to use

If you haven't already go and read Importer documentation. I will assume you are already familiar with ImportConfiguration and I will just explain what is different in this bundle.

Prepare Admin Class

Your Admin class has to implement KunicMarko\SonataImporterBundle\Admin\AdminWithImport.

Prepare Controller

By default if you don't set Controller in your Admin service definition we will replace it with instance of KunicMarko\SonataImporterBundle\Controller\ImportCRUDController.

Custom Controller

If you are using your own custom controller make sure it implements KunicMarko\SonataImporterBundle\Controller\ControllerWithImport, also you will have to add KunicMarko\SonataImporterBundle\Controller\ImportActionTrait trait to your controller.

AutoConfigure ImportConfiguration

To be able to auto-configure your ImportConfiguration they will have to implement KunicMarko\SonataImporterBundle\SonataImportConfiguration and configure format and adminClass methods along with other methods.

That will look like:

class CategoryCSVImportConfiguration implements SonataImportConfiguration
     * @var EntityManagerInterface
    private $entityManager;

    public function __construct(EntityManagerInterface $entityManager)
        $this->entityManager = $entityManager;

    public static function adminClass(): string
        return CategoryAdmin::class;

    public static function format(): string
        return 'csv';

    public function map(array $item, array $additionalData)
        $category = new Category();



    public function save(array $items, array $additionalData): void