Laravel control panel for developers, comes with integrated Scaffold generator, backups, logs, and built in instructions.

v3.1.6 2021-02-23 14:11 UTC



since version 3.0 Swagger its no longer included

Klaravel (for lazy artisans)

A flexible developer´s control panel to help you build faster Laravel´s applications, Laravel 5.5+ and PHP7.1+ recommended.



composer require ksoft/klaravel

Navigate to /klaravel, and enjoy.

Publish configuration file

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Ksoft\Klaravel\ServiceProvider" --tag=config


Publish some views been made for reusable, they are all based mainly in Bootstrap4, them are all reusable components for tables, Modals, Navbars, forms and maps.

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=klaravel-views


Dashboard screenshots

A developer dashboard to read documentation, tools and information regarding Laravel´s ecosystem with a selection of best flavored and commonly used patterns, pre maid components, traits,...

Developer Dashboard


Scaffold - C.R.U.D generator

Imagine you could build a full CRUD with just 2 views?, a table view layout and the form layout. Scaffold any model to a working resource with 2 views, dedicated eloquent repository, dedicated controller and 2 interactions to abstract the update and creation logic to an isolated location.


Easy peasy


Includes Formers-former for quick and easy form creation.

Scaffold - crud generator



Bootstrap4 based components, as a component ?? simple includes, use what you need, them there for you.


Blade components


Listing routes

Easy way to list your routes, searching and listing the right way.


List and filter your Laravel routes



Them make our life easier. Dont you think?


Available traits


Extra tools

Views to manage and view your db session, db cache, db Logs (thanks to spatie), Backups spatie-again, all this features are ready to use, from installation.


Scaffold Control Panel


Special thanks

Laravel #1 PHP framework Tylor Otwell, you are the **** Boss!
Bootstrap4 Flex layouts the right way, most commonly used CSS framework.
Font Awesome Font Icons with an excellent v5 collection.
anahkiasen/former Easy form build and style.
spatie/laravel-activitylog Activity logs made easy.
spatie/laravel-backup Backups made easy.
jenssegers/date Fast and efficient, the right choice.
league/commonmark Easy to use, great results, documentation made easy.

Coming soon...>

oriceon/laravel-settings Persist configuration files with cache.



Spatie Big thanks you to this Belgium people
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AppDev Mobile aplications
SocialApp Residents mobile application
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Created by Kiko Seijo