Experian QAS library for Postcode search

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This library is designed to provide a class interface to the Experian QAS postcode search product.

It is built with the SOAP Pro Web product in mind and tested with GBR datasets primarily.

Experian QAS can be found via or


Install via composer by installing this repo or via Packagist -


use \krakerag\ExperianQas\PostcodeSearch\PostcodeSearch;
use \krakerag\ExperianQas\PostcodeSearch\Engine;

$wsdl = 'http://yourserver:2021/proweb.wsdl';

$engine = new Engine();
$search = new PostcodeSearch(new \Psr\Log\NullLogger(), $wsdl); // Or a proper logger in place

$results = $search->find('GBR','SW40QB');

var_dump($results); // etc

The engine object ships with sensible settings for working with UK postcode searches.

You can tailor this in any fashion that matches varibles designed to work with the WSDL, for example:

$engine = new Engine;
// etc



  • PHP 5.3 or higher
  • [optional] PHPUnit 3.5+ to execute the test suite (phpunit --version)

Submitting bugs and feature requests

Bugs and feature requests are tracked on GitHub


Matthew Hallsworth -


This is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE.txt file for details