Kraken Framework Throwable Component.

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Note: This repository is a part of Kraken Framework, but can be used freely as standalone library. If you are interested in more asynchronous components for PHP, check out the rest of Kraken repository or see our asynchronous application skeleton example.


Throwable is a component that provides throwable hierarchy used in Kraken Framework and additional helpers.

Feature Highlights

Throwable features:

  • Custom hierarchy of Throwables created in mind of unifying error and exception handling in PHP5 and PHP7,
  • Custom format for stack trace,
  • Support for chaining Throwables,
  • Built-in ErrorHandler,
  • Built-in ExceptionHandler,
  • Implementation of throwable objects proxy,
  • Kraken Framework compatibility,
  • ...and more.


See more examples in official documentation.


  • PHP-5.6 or PHP-7.0+,
  • UNIX or Windows OS.


composer require kraken-php/throwable


Tests are provided within our write-only Framework repository.


Documentation for this module can be found in the official documentation.


This library is read-only subtree split of Kraken Framework. To make contributions, please go to Framework repository.


This library licensed under the MIT license, see more information in Kraken Framework license section.