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Static Cache with Repositories


You can use StaticCache as simple cache tool that allows you access cached data from every place of your application during runtime.

It doesn't stores data im memcached or some other data storage, that's just static implementation of Doctrine's ArrayCache

The most powerful idea of this library is Repositories


Repository allows you initialize some heavy library once and than it's instance with simple Object-Oriented Style

E.g.: Assume are using Symfony Validator several times during the runtime. That's bad idea initialize it every time in different places of the application so you can easyly create SymfonyValidator Repository:


class SymfonyValidator implements CacheRepositoryInterface

  public funcnction getSingleton()
    return Validation::createValidatorBuilder()
      ->enableAnnotationMapping(new CachedReader(new AnnotationReader(), new ArrayCache()))
      ->setMetadataCache(new DoctrineCache(new ArrayCache()))

//SomeFile.php use Kozz\Components\Cache\StaticCache

$validator = StaticCache::loadRepository(new SymfonyValidator()); //Validator initialized and saved in cache

//SomeOtherFile.php use Kozz\Components\Cache\StaticCache

$validator = StaticCache::loadRepository(new SymfonyValidator()); //Now validator just loaded from cache

### Reference


```get($id)``` - get

```set($id, $data)``` - set

```has($id)``` - check

```loadRepository(CacheRepositoryInterface $repository)``` - load Repository